Patient Instructions: After Composite Fillings

Composite fillings set up hard right away. You can eat immediately after the procedure.

Anesthetic: Children ought to be observed until the anesthetic wears off. As a result of the unusual feeling of the anesthetic, many children will chew the inside of their lips, cheeks, or tongue. This chewing can cause serious damage.

Sensitivity: There could be some sensitivity to hot and cold for a couple of weeks following dental restoration. Usually, the deeper the cavity, the greater the tooth sensitivity. If you believe the bite is not correctly balanced, please call us for an appointment for a simple adjustment.

The gum tissue might have been irritated during the procedure and could be sore for several days. The site of the anesthetic injection could also be sensitive.

The finished restoration could be contoured slightly different and look a slightly different shape compared to the original tooth. Your tongue usually magnifies this small difference and will become adjusted to this in a few days.

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