Patient Instructions: After Crowns or Bridges

You’ve just had crowns or fixed bridges cemented onto your teeth. Follow these instructions so that you will have years of great service from your new crowns or bridges.

  • Chewing: Do not chew hard or sticky foods for 24 hours. The cement must have time to achieve optimum strength.
  • Visit us at regular intervals. Often issues that develop around restorations can be discovered at an early stage and corrected easily. If you wait longer to inform us of a problem, it’s possible the entire bridge or crown may have to be restored.
  • Not returning for regular exams is usually the most common reason for failure of your crown or bridge. We will contact you to remind you when it is time for a return appointment.
Preventative procedures:
  • Brush and floss after you eat and particularly before going to bed.
  • Swish vigorously with mouth rinse for 30 seconds daily before going to bed.
  • Use the Rotodent
  • Use bridge cleaners
  • You may have mild sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • This sensitivity will gradually disappear over the next couple of weeks
  • Do not chew ice as well as other very hard objects.
  • Avoid chewing very sticky “hard tacky” candy as it may remove restorations.
If any of the following conditions occur, contact us:
  • A sense of movement or looseness in the restoration
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods that doesn’t disappear in a couple of weeks
  • A peculiar taste from the restoration site
  • If a piece of the restoration breaks off
  • If you have a sensitivity to pressure

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