Dental Implants: A Natural Alternative to Dentures

Are you one of the thousands of people wearing dentures which do not fit correctly? Dentures which have not been fit properly can cause discomfort. While many are happy with the look and feel of their dentures, there is a long-lasting, more natural looking alternative. If you are wearing dentures at the moment and would like a change, dental implants may be right for you.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is fixed into the jaw bone and acts as a foundation to support dental prosthetics. When implants are installed, your dentist will drill small holes into the jawbone, and position small, threaded rods made from titanium. When the process has been completed, the dental implants will be tightened and fixed into place so that they will not move. Dental implants are positioned where teeth are missing so that they can act as a foundation for a dental crown or bridge which can be attached to the threaded rod.

There are many benefits of using dental implants. Most importantly, they form a firm foundation for affixing permanent replacement teeth. Because the teeth are permanent, eating and speaking become easier. Dental implants firmly rooted in the jaw, look, and act just as your natural teeth. Titanium rods do not cause allergic reactions and are therefore a great option to those who have sensitivity to those materials. While implants can cost more then dentures, the long-lasting, durable and natural look of them makes them worth the investment. You will smile, eat, and speak as naturally as if you had all of your original teeth.

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