Family Dentist in Idaho Falls

Dr. Tom Anderson, your trusted family dentist in Idaho Falls, and his trained and friendly staff are ready to care for your entire family. From your toddler’s very first visit to the dentist to regular teeth cleanings, corrective procedures, and older adult discussions about dentures or dental implants, we pride ourselves in handling it all with gentle, sincere attention to our patients.
Family Dentistry by Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls ID

What is a Family Dentist?

Some dentists specialize in family dentistry, while others prefer to work with only children or only adults. When you need someone to cater to the needs of your whole family, it’s important to look for a good family dentist. A professional family dentist can offer numerous benefits to the family. A family dentist can develop a proper oral care regimen for the entire family. With a family dentist, it’s always easier to book an appointment. The primary reason is that children and parents can visit the dental clinic together. This proves to be even more beneficial for people who don’t have any dental clinics near their homes. After a specific age, your children need to switch dentists. With a family dentist, this won’t be a problem. In addition to this, a family dentist builds a long lasting relationship with the entire family. They become your confidant and counselor.

Choosing Premier for Your Family Dentist in Idaho Falls

Family Dentistry Services in Idaho Falls ID by Premier Dental Care If you’re an individual or family trying to find a family dentist in Idaho Falls, you needn’t look any further than Premier Dental Care. Our clinic specializes in offering high quality family dentistry, implant dentistry, and general dentistry. When you visit our office we can cater to all of your dental needs. We have a team of friendly dental professionals who concentrate on treatment and prevention. We all share a common goal to meet patient expectations, no matter the age of the patient. Our dental clinic is focused on family values and we take prides in offering a respectful and warm service to patients. We provide a wide range of services, including: We take great pride in improving the lives of our patients with the most advanced and latest dental technologies. Here are some reasons why people choose us for family dental care:

Emergency Services

  • Our dental clinic offers emergency dental services. We cater to the needs of your entire family, and make sure all your dental problems are resolved in a timely manner. Whether your kid breaks a tooth while playing basketball or your brother trips down the stairs, we’ll be here to help.

Focus on Preventive Care

  • Premier Dental always focuses on preventive care. We talk to our patients and ensure that they understand the proper steps for preventative care. We develop a suitable oral care regimen for every member of your family. We also encourage early visits before your dental problems get serious.

High-Tech Equipment

  • Premier Dental is equipped with latest and most advanced equipment. We possess the right kind of knowledge to deal with all kinds of dental problems. Most importantly, our staff is friendly and courteous.
With our high quality and affordable services, we’re the best choice for family dentistry in Idaho Falls. We make sure you don’t experience any problems, and take every step possible to help ensure that you never have to feel anxious about visiting the dentist.

Family Dentistry in Idaho Falls for All Ages!

Dentistry for kids & seniors - family dentistry by Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls ID We are dedicated to taking care of your Idaho Falls family’s oral health, from teeth cleanings that make teeth sparkle to corrective procedures that restore the mouth’s overall health. At Premier Dental Care, we emphasize family dentistry. That means that we’re here to help everyone from the first toddler appointment through a conversation about dentures. Dr. Tom Anderson provides the experience you need to care for your entire family’s dental needs. Call your Idaho Falls dentist, Dr. Tom Anderson of Premier Dental Care, at (208) 522-1164. We’re dedicated to providing you with affordable, top-quality dental care.

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