Tips for Keeping Your Teen’s Fastbraces® Clean

Helping Your Teenager Keep Their Fastbraces® Clean

It’s common for teens to sometimes be a little lax in their day-to-day dental care, but the negative effects of not keeping up on this regular cleaning can be exacerbated if Fastbraces® or other orthodontics devices are involved.

While orthodontics help improve and perfect a smile, if not cleaned daily issues such as gum inflammation, discoloration of teeth and halitosis may present themselves. Good oral hygiene is all it takes to keep your teen’s mouth in a good state of health.

To assist your teen in preventing painful gum inflammation you should remind them to clean their teeth after eating and brush and floss at least twice a day. You may want to pick up some Braces Floss Picks for your teen. These special flossers work well to remove debris that has become lodged in and around the braces and teeth. They are also small enough that your teen can carry them around in their purse, wallet, or backpack inconspicuously and use whenever needed.

With any type of braces, discoloration could be an issue. The enamel that is covered by the brackets will maintain the same color of the tooth as the day they were placed. If your child is consuming a lot of stain inducing drinks such as tea, coffee, and dark colored soda without brushing afterwards they may be at risk of discoloring their teeth to a degree that they will not match the enamel on the underside of the brackets when removed. Encouraging your teen to brush, or at the very least rinse, after each meal or drink is an easy solution.

Halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, is a common ailment when the mouth not cleaned correctly or regularly. For a teen it can be mortifying to realize they have bad breath and aren’t able to remedy it, so buying individual use mouthwash packets is a great way to help your teen keep their breath fresh on the go. To keep halitosis from becoming a chronic problem you should remind your teen to brush and floss thoroughly in the morning and before bed.

Dr. Anderson and team at Premier Dental Care can help your teen develop a good oral hygiene regimen to keep their teeth clean and healthy.  Call (208) 522-1164 today for an appointment.

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