Invisalign®: What Results Can I Expect?

Beautiful Results with Invisalign®

Invisalign, an alternative to metal braces, provides all the benefits of traditional braces using clear and removable alignment trays. Within the past four years, over 730,000 patients have chosen Invisalign as a method of orthodontic treatment. Easy to insert and quick to remove; Invisalign provides a comfortable and virtually invisible treatment option designed to each patients’ specific need.

What results can I expect with Invisalign treatment plan?

In order to ensure a proper fitting for the first set of aligner trays, your dentist will take x-rays, dental impressions and photographs of your teeth. Afterwards, these images are used to create a 3-D model and develop a treatment plan for your individual smile. The movement of your teeth will be planned in stages. Although the complete process can take 6 months to a year, patients with less severe problems, such as minor crowding or spacing, may complete the treatment in less time.

In each stage of the Invisalign® process, your teeth will slowly move towards proper position. You will then be fitted with a new set of aligners. Using this method, you and your dentist have the opportunity to decide how your smile will look. In order to be effective, it’s important that you wear the aligner trays for at least 20 hours each day. They should only be removed for eating, drinking and brushing. If you fail to wear them for the appropriate amount of time, you can increase the amount of time the process will take.

What are the Health Benefits of Invisalign®?

Overcrowded and misaligned teeth are the leading causes of swollen gums and periodontal disease. A proactive treatment plan to correct and prevent dental problems, Invisalign® gradually moves teeth into their proper position. According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth significantly improves your overall dental health.

Traditionally, patients with metal braces were limited to certain foods and drinks. They were also at a higher risk of tooth decay because of the difficulty brushing and flossing near the metal hardware. Because the Invisalign alignment trays are not fixed to the teeth, you can remove them during your oral care routine and while eating. Additionally, research conducted by the American Dental Association found that bacteria in the mouth can lead to more serious health conditions such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and pneumonia. Invisalign allows you to continue proper oral care with ease and avoid these health repercussions What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Invisalign®?

Invisalign can help with an overbite, jaw problems, speech, chewing difficulties and excessive wear on tooth enamel. Primarily designed to correct cosmetic dental problems, Invisalign also provides other benefits during the treatment plan. Made from BPA-free plastic, the patient can avoid mouth abrasions that are often associated with metal braces. Since the tray aligners are made from a custom mold, they are comfortable and barely noticeable while you are wearing them. Customized for both adults and teens, Invisalign is a great choice for patients who want perfect teeth but feel they are too old for by metal braces, or just simply embarrassed by the sight of them. With Invisalign, you’ll have the confidence of an attractive smile throughout the process.

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