Fastbraces Treatment: Premier Dental Care, Idaho Falls, ID

Many people who are hesitant about braces to straighten their smile feel apprehensive because of the long commitment associated with many orthodontic devices, which is, on average, approximately two years. And during that two years, not only do you wear the braces but you’re regularly in your dentist or orthodontist’s office for adjustments. With Fastbraces treatment, you can look forward to a new smile in about three to six months.

Great Smile Symmetry Options from Your Idaho Falls Dentist

This isn’t right for every situation but it might be a great option for you. If you are in Rigby, ID, Idaho Falls, or the nearby areas, consider making a consultation appointment for Fastbraces with Dr. Tom Anderson of Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls, ID. Dr. Anderson has a great reputation and offers Fastbraces, Six Month Smiles, and Invisalign–all great alternatives to metal braces.

Fastbraces: A Unique and Effective Design for Faster Teeth Straightening

Triangular in shape and leveraging a single wire, Fastbraces move both the crown and the root simultaneously and this results in much faster moving and alignment of the teeth. Evidence also points to much less teeth sensitivity with Fastbraces as compared to other options.

Many Fastbraces patients also report less discomfort during Fastbraces treatment when compared to traditional braces. Furthermore, because of the much shorter duration, Fastbraces pose less of a risk of tooth decay associated with poor oral hygiene during braces. While you do need to wear a retainer after treatment, it’s usually for a much shorter period of time. Oral hygiene is essential during any orthodontic treatment to straighten the smile, and it is especially important with Fastbraces treatment.

The unique elbow shape of this device offers enhanced flexibility with greater impact and the added benefit of being more affordable than many other dental straightening options, too.

Not all dentists in Rigby and Idaho Falls offer Fastbraces, but Dr. Anderson is an authorized Fastbraces provider. His team is known for friendly and gentle dentistry and would be happy to help you get on the road toward a straighter smile that will make you feel more confident.

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