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More people than ever in the Rigby and Idaho Falls, ID area are taking advantage of teeth whitening at their dentist’s office. Getting teeth whitening from your dentist ensures maximum whitening and dental safety. Dr. Tom Anderson is an Idaho Falls dentist who is taking on new patients. Dr. Anderson and his team have a great reputation for quality care, affordable prices, and using the latest in minimally invasive dental techniques to help patients show the world their best smile. We would be happy to help you review options for whitening teeth safely.

About Teeth Whitening from Dr. Anderson in Idaho Falls, ID

Clean teeth will have the best results. Beyond being free of soft and hard calculus deposits, we keep the teeth dry during the procedure. Saliva has an impact on the efficacy of teeth whitening products, so barriers are used to keep your teeth clean and dry as well as protect your cheeks and gums from the whitening gel. Some teeth whitening methods use trays to hold the gel in place. Some dental whitening products also use a light to help activate the gel as well as cure it, resulting in significantly whiter teeth.

Tips to Help Keep Your Teeth White

After a prescribed amount of time, the solution is washed off, leaving you with whiter and brighter teeth. Most teeth whitening products recommend that you avoid staining foods like coffee, wine, tobacco, etc. for at least 24 hours so that your freshly whitened teeth are not immediately stained. Be sure to keep coming in every six months for check-ups and dental cleanings.

If you want to learn more about teeth whitening options that bring about dramatic results, contact us in our Idaho Falls dental office. Make an appointment with Dr. Anderson at Premier Dental Care. We would love to help you get a whiter and brighter smile that can help you be more confident.

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