Tooth Bonding

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No one in Idaho Falls or anywhere else will ever know you had teeth that were cracked, chipped or gaps after our restorative dental bonding. Tooth bonding is not just for cracked or chipped teeth, but also for those with irregular teeth, tooth decay, receding gums, and teeth discoloration. And if you’re searching for the cause of a toothache, tooth bonding may be a perfect solution for the underlying issue. Before and After Tooth Bonding Our dental bonding isn’t magic, but you might think the results are! A thin coating of plastic is placed on the front of any flawed tooth. This composite is the same color as the tooth and it is molded to match the appearance of your tooth. Dental bonding can even be used to replace metal fillings and eliminate metal mouth! Your teeth, too, can be as beautiful and natural-looking after dental bonding. When you’re looking for a fast and affordable cosmetic dentistry aesthetic makeover, call Premier Dental Care, your Idaho Falls cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Anderson at (208) 522-1164, or complete the contact us form to schedule a dental appointment.

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