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SuperpagesMay, 2015 – C.R.
I have had a fair amount of dental work done in the last several years. Much of it has been done at Premier Dental Care with Dr. Anderson and staff. I don’t think I have found a more friendly and competent group since I started going to a dentist some 60 years ago. what a pleasant experience each visit has been. I can honestly say that I look forward to going to the dentist… WOW! never thought i would say that. Thanks to all for incredible work.

FacebookApril, 2015 – Jayden Bush
I would like to take this time and say I want to Thank Dr. Anderson for his excellent work he done for me. The whole staff was very friendly and caring, you don’t find that much anymore these days! Him and the girls took the time to explain all my options and walked me through the whole step by step process. Best experience I have had ever at a dental office…. I highly recommend this dental office!!!

FacebookApril, 2015 – Stephanie Cecil
Great team! They take the time to explain everything and they give options for treatment. I highly recommend them!

Google PlusDecember, 2014 – Karenna Jeffs
I had a cleaning done at Dr Andersons office and it was very pleasant and the hygienist was very gentle. I have had cleanings in the past where why tissue has been so sore and after my cleaning at premier dental I felt very comfortable!

Google PlusDecember, 2014 – Tom T
It’s great to have a dentist appointment that is fun and I still know they are taking good care of my health needs. My hygienist Brenda was friendly AND gentle. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and staff at Premier.

Google PlusDecember, 2014 – Molly O’Brien
The atmosphere at Premier is extremely relaxed, but the staff is professional and good at what they do. As denistry goes, Premier is a great choice.

FacebookNovember, 2014 – Trisha Rummler
I just wanted to share my experience at premiere dental with one of the loveliest assistance Haley.. No kidding one minute I’m crying in my seat and the next she has me laughing The whole crew is friendly warm and comforting.. but Haley has a special place in my heart .. Today I received a card in the mail from Haley saying… Trish I have had a great time getting to know you at our office we have always had something funny to talk about see you soon..Haley. She will never know how much the small gesture meant to me and what a big smile it put on my face again through my pain… Thanks again to everyone at Premier dentist and a special thanks to haley for making my experience more than just another visit at the dentist

FacebookNovember, 2014 – Pattie Matthews
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Tom and his friendly staff for over 10 years. They have been keeping my teeth healthier than any previous dentist! Even though I am a grandmother, Dr. Tom finally convinced me to try braces to correct crowding that happened when the permanent teeth arrived. It took him 10 years to convince me, but I have to admit the braces are working wonders! The staff always has cheerful encouragements each time I come….their warm greeting feels like I am part of family!

Google PlusOctober, 2014 – Cheryl Crouch
Dr. Anderson and staff always do an excellent job with myself and my husband. From basic cleaning to braces to root canals, it doesn’t matter, they are always professional, caring, and gentle. They make you feel comfortable, and they listen to your concerns and questions. We have received the best care, and excellent results, from them for years. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and staff at Premier Dental Care. We are in good hands.

Google PlusOctober, 2014 – Megan Krome
I am always nervous about going to and being at the dentist but the staff at Premier Dental were very kind and gentle during the examination and cleaning. They made my experience much easier to handle. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice and knowledgeable dentist.

Google PlusOctober, 2014 – Michael Trumblee
Staff was friendly, waiting area chairs were comfortable, and service was excellent. During the tooth cleaning process, dental hygienist information was helpful, I liked the tooth video and x-rays were fast. Dentist, Tom Anderson, was quick to complete examination after dental hygienist was complete. An overall good experience for a first time visit to Premier Dental of Idaho Falls.

Google PlusOctober, 2014 – Maxine Lebrun
My implant experience was much easier than I had expected. I was glad to get back the missing molar and found that I did not chew as well without it.

SuperpagesJuly, 2013 – Peggy A.
I can personally attest to the fact that Dr. Anderson is the most knowledgeable dentist I have ever been to. I have no question that I could have avoided a lot of the dental problems I have had in the past if I had seen him first.

FacebookJune, 2014 – Eunice Twiggs
My experience at Premier Dental has been fantastic. The entire staff make me feel like they care about ME. My teeth look great

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